Digital Service Book

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The Digital Service Book (DSB) is available for each vehicle in the ARBA virtual garage.

In the DSB, the users can maintain a service plan for their vehicles, expense history and current mileage.

If you service your car or motorcycle in a workshop that provides its customers with the free "ARBA Digital Service Book" service, then additional DSB functions will be available to you - automatic loading of invoices, maintanance plan and recommendations, making an appointment online, requesting a quotation online, etc.

To use the DSB function, the vehicle must be added to the virtual garage.

Find your vehicle in the vehicle list. Open the vehicle specifications screen by tapping on the photo.
Scroll down to the "Digital Service Book" section and follow the link "Your Digital Service Book".

Current mileage

Update your mileage. After creating the indicators, the App will automatically request an update of the mileage in order to correctly calculate the indicator values.

VIN code

Write down the VIN code from your vehicle documents. The VIN code is entered once, after verification in a workshop the VIN code cannot be changed.

Service history

The "Service History" allows you to collect information about the costs of your vehicle on a regular basis. To enter data from an invoice, create a record by tapping on the “(+)” icon in the upper right corner or “(+) Create record”. Each invoice can contain an unlimited number of lines.

After creating a new record, you can assign your own category from the standard list to each line (Fuel / Charging, Maintenance, Parts, Insurance, etc.).

For the correct calculation of the total amount and display on the chart, all expenses must be kept in one currency.

Invoices imported automatically from a workshop cannot be edited by users, but a category can be assigned to each line.

All accumulated invoices can be exported to a CSV file at any time. To do this, tap the button "Download service history in CSV file format".


Indicators are a tool that allows you to create a maintanance plan for your vehicle.

Indicators by time interval. Used to monitor intervals with a specified deadline.

- the next technical inspection (MOT) must be done in 11 months;
- it is necessary to renew the driver's license in 2.5 years;
- pay for insurance in 10 months.

When creating an indicator by time interval, specify a name and fill in the From / Date (current date) and To / Date (deadline date) fields. Clear the field "Current mileage".

Mileage indicators. Used in cases where only mileage matters.
- replacement of tires after 10 thousand km;
- replacement of the timing belt after 40 thousand km.

When creating such an indicator, specify a name and fill in the From / Mileage (current mileage) and To / Mileage (target mileage) fields. Clear the "From / Date" and "To / Date" fields.

Hybrid indicators by mileage or time intervals (whichever comes first). Hybrid indicators track both indicators and will notify you about the approach of the next event - the specified target date or mileage, whichever comes first. Used for planning consumable parts, oils and technical fluids. When creating a hybrid indicator, you must specify all the fields.

* Indicators created by a workshop that services your vehicle are marked with a gold asteriks "*" and cannot be edited by the user.

Connection to a workshop

At the top of the "Digital Service Book" screen, there is a list of workshops available within a radius of 100 km from you. Those marked with the golden badge provide their customers with customer service through the ARBA Digital Service Book.

It is very easy to become a client of such a workshop - open the profile of this company by tapping on the card. Read the information about the company and tap the button "Connect to <name of workshop>".

Now you can use the additional features of the ARBA Digital Service Book:

- The button "Ask a question". Allows you to ask a question about the services and prices of a workshop without unnecessary calls. You can send a photo or video to the app. When the workshop answers you, you will receive a notification.
- The "Call" button will immediately dial the workshop number on your phone.
- The button "Build a route" will bring up a Google map on your smartphone and shows the route to the workshop.

Make an appointment

You can arrange servicing of your car without a single call. Click the “Make an appointment” button and choose a convenient time from the available slots. Please indicate what kind of service you need. There is no need to report the make, model, year of manufacture and VIN-code - the workshop sees this data from your profile in ARBA.

Soon you will receive a confirmation in the App that your appointment has been confirmed, or you get an offer for a different time.

If necessary, you can change the time by tapping on the "Change your appointment" button.

To cancel the appointment, tap on the appointment card with the date and confirm the deletion.

Service history and indicators

Shortly after your first visit, the workshop will confirm your VIN-code, as well as download the invoices and maintanance plan paid by you in this workshop in the form of uneditable indicators.


At its discretion, the workshop can create a list of recommendations for your car or motorcycle, indicating the preliminary cost. You can view the entire list of recommendations on a separate screen and mark with the “Finish” button those that are no longer relevant. In the same way, you can put them back on the list.

Disconnecting from a workshop

If you decide to refuse the services of this workshop, click the "Disconnect" button at the bottom of the screen. Your Digital Service Book will return to its original position. All uploaded invoices will remain in the Service History, and the maintanance plan from this workshop (indicators marked with *) will be removed.

After that, the workshop will not be able to interact with you via DSB.
You can restore the connection or connect another workshop in the same way.
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