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User Guide
ARBA digital tools allows any workshop to move to a new modern level of interaction with customers. Service implementation and activation takes no more than an hour.

Preliminary preparation

1. Create your own personal ARBA account.
2. Add at least one vehicle to your virtual garage - you can test the system operation on it.
3. Register your company in the ARBA Business Directory. If your company has multiple branches, create a separate entry for each address.
4. Be sure to indicate that your company provides "Periodic & Preventive Maintenance" service.

Login to service portal

The system allows you to work with the smartphone browser, but it is recommended to use a computer or tablet to work in the portal. Use Chrome or Safari.

1. Follow the link and log in in the same way as in the ARBA App with your personal account.
2. If you have more than one workshop, you will be prompted to select the one you need. When you need to switch to another workshop, perform the "Log out" action and log back in.

Setting up

Select your preferred language in the upper right corner of the screen.
Go to the "Settings" section in the left side menu, open the "General" tab:
1. Select the language in which documents (invoices) will be generated.
2. Set the currency, VAT rate in your country and time zone.

Open the "Settings / Appointments" tab. Here you can specify the hours at which your clients can make an appointment. This is not the same as the working hours that you specified when creating your company profile in the App, but the hours may be the same.

Click the "Settings / List of Representatives" tab. Here you can add your employees' accounts. They will be able to enter the portal and perform all actions, just like you. All employees have the same rights in the system. You can add up to 5 employees.

The system is completely ready for a free trial use. In order to start serving customers, you need to activate your subscription.

Free trial

To learn how to work in the system, use the opportunity to service your own vehicles added to your virtual garage for free.

The button "Connect to ..." in your company profile is available only to you and your employees before the subscription is activated.

Connect your vehicles to your workshop and try out all the system's capabilities.

Subscription activation

In order for your customers to be able to connect their vehicles in the ARBA App to your workshop, you need to activate the subscription:

- Open the "Settings" section in the left side menu.
- Select the "Subscription" tab.
- Select the tariff you want. All rates are annual, they differ only in price and vehicle limit.
- Next, you must determine whether you allow overspending if the number of vehicles exceeds the tariff limit. The checked checkbox allows overruns to be billed separately at the end of the period. If you disable this option and the limit is reached, the “Connect” button in your company profile in the ARBA App will disappear and new clients will not be able to connect.
- Next, fill in the information about your company. Check the details and proceed to payment.

You will receive an invoice to the specified email, and you can also download it in the "Settings / Invoices" tab.

Your account information is saved in the "Settings / Contact information" tab.

Inviting clients

After activating your subscription, you can notify your customers about new opportunities.

Click the "Invite your clients" button in the left sidebar and copy the QR code and link. You can place the QR code in a conspicuous place in the client area of ​​your workshop, and send the link to users using electronic means.

If your clients already have an app, they will be directed to the profile of your company to the button “Connect to ..”, if not, they will be asked to register on the site with the obligatory addition of a vehicle that will be automatically connected to your workshop.

Employees of the company will receive notifications in ARBA about the connection of each new client.

Customer service

A typical customer service scenario includes:
1. Appointment confirmation.
2. Confirmation of the VIN-code after the client's visit (one-time action).
3. * Entering data from the invoice for services and materials provided.
4. * Creation of a customer's vehicle maintanance plan (set of indicators).
5. * Making recommendations or special offers for the client.
6. Responding to customer inquiries.

Items 3-5 can be imported from your accounting system automatically if there is an integration. For the integration with your accounting system, please contact our regional representative or contact the support.

The work of the manager in the service portal is organized in the form of tasks. All operations that need to be performed to service the user appear in the "Tasks" section. The manager must open them one by one and perform the required actions. Completed tasks disappear from the list.

Task: Appointment confirmation

Appearance condition: the client applied for an appointment through the app, or the client changed the appointment for another time.

Open the task in the "Tasks" section. Check the time, click "Confirm". You can change the time, the user will be notified accordingly, but in such cases it is recommended to call the client.

You can see all the appointments in the "Dashboard" section.

Task: Confirming VIN-code

Appearance condition: the client made an appointment and came to the workshop for the first time. The task is generated automatically at the time of the client's arrival.

Open the task in the "Tasks" section. Check VIN-code, click "Confirm".

Task: Entering data from the invoice

Appearance condition: The client made an appointment and came to the service. The task is generated automatically at the time of the client's arrival.

Open the task in the "Tasks" section. In the form that opens, enter the data. An unlimited number of lines are allowed.

If you need to edit the invoice after completing the task, you can go to the "Clients" section, select a client, select a vehicle and open the "Invoices" tab. Here you can add and edit customer invoices.

Task: Creating a maintenance plan

Appearance condition: the client made an appoinment and came to the workshop. The task is generated automatically at the time of the client's arrival.

Open the task in the "Tasks" section. Create the required indicators for the client in sequence. Unlike the ARBA App, the portal does not set target dates, but intervals in months. For example, if you want to enter 3 years, you need to enter 36 months.

To edit the customer maintanance plan after completing the task, open the "Customers" section, select the customer, the vehicle and go to the "Indicators" tab. Here you can add and edit client indicators.

If you have standard plans for specific car or motorcycle models, you can add them to templates in the "Settings / Templates" tab. In this case, to add a plan for a client, just select the suitable template and click the "Apply" button. The required set of indicators will be generated automatically.

Task: Making recommendations and special offers

Appearance condition: the client made an appoinment and came to the workshop. The task is generated automatically at the time of the client's arrival.

Open the task in the "Tasks" section. In a special form, indicate what actions you recommend to plan for the maintenance of his vehicle for the future. Only the price is indicated in the recommendations. If you need to specify time or mileage, then use the "Indicators" tool.

You can use the Recommendations tool at any time to promote your products and services. In order to edit, delete or add a recommendation after completing a task, you should open the "Clients" section, select a client, select a vehicle and open the "Recommendations" tab.

Task: Responding to customer inquiries

Appearance condition: the client sent a request to the workshop through the ARBA App. The task "reply to the client" will be generated, and a notification (bell) will appear and a counter of unread messages will appear in the "Chat" section.

Open the task in the "Tasks" section, view the client request. Write a comment or message.

If you need to contact a client, you should open the "Chat" section, find a client in the search, select the client's vehicle and it will appear in this client's app.

You can also open the "Clients" section, select the client, then client's vehicle and open the "Chat" tab.


All tariffs are annual. If you have enabled the option "Allow exceeding the limit", then at the end of the annual period, an invoice for payment of the excess will be issued.
The excess is calculated by the number of connected vehicles on the last day of the calendar month. You can disable unnecessary vehicles at your discretion in the "Clients" section. Select a client and click the "Remove" button.

In the section "Settings / Subscriptions" you can:
- See the number of clients by month;
- Enable / disable the option "Allow exceeding the limit" - the change will take effect from the next month.
- Increase the limit of vehicles at a better price by changing the tariff. In this case, a full recalculation of the tariff will be performed and the previously paid amount will be taken into account.

After payment, the tariff is valid for the whole year, after switching to a new tariff, the subscription is renewed for 12 months. The tarrif cannot be reduced until the end of the paid period.

After the end of the paid period, if the subscription is not renewed, the entire history and customer base will be saved, but vehicles (except for vehicles of your company's employees) will be automatically disconnected from the workshop.
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