ARBA Auto: Quick Start Guidelines

January 13, 2023

The ARBA Auto app is here to help you save not just your money, but also your precious time. Unlike other similar applications, ARBA Auto is optimized for fast data entry. The app does not require unnecessary data or actions from you, and it does not impose unnecessary restrictions - you don't have to refuel your tank to the brim or enter your mileage every time you refuel. Nonetheless, it allows you to get high-quality and accurate reports on key indicators of your vehicle that affect your budget.

We have prepared some guidelines to help you start using the app quickly. All links lead to short (1-2 minute reading) articles in our Knowledge base:

  • In the car settings, specify the fuel type and tank / battery capacity.
  • If you have historical data, you can import it.
  • Specify the purchase price of the car for depreciation calculation and total ownership cost.
  • Create a maintenance plan - regular maintenance, oil changes, insurance renewal, etc.

Develop a habit of regularly entering data into the app:

  • Fuel accounting. The app supports two methods - regular (refueling to the brim, mileage must be entered) and optimal, which we strongly recommend. It saves time and allows you to refuel as you prefer, while all indicators will be calculated no less accurately.
  • Expense tracking. Enter your expenses, accurately specifying categories. For regular payments, use recurring expenses to confirm them in a couple of clicks.
  • Mileage accounting. If possible, enter your mileage 2-3 times a month. This can be done with a separate entry or by specifying the odometer value in the fuel or expense form.

After just a month, you will see the first results in graphs and reports:

  • How much have you driven in a month?
  • What is your average fuel consumption?
  • How much fuel have you used in a month?
  • How much does 1 km of mileage cost?
  • How much does your car cost you per month?
  • And much more.

These indicators are interesting and useful to track in dynamics, and we will tell you more about them in other guidelines.

In addition to basic functions available to all users for free, there are several additional features that can be unlocked with a one-time purchase:

The "Premium" extension allows you to track income, add your own subcategories, and transfer your car to another user.

The "Currency" extension allows you to enter expenses and income in foreign currency and convert reports to dollars, euros, and others.

In conclusion, we want to hint at our plans for the next quarter: introducing and developing a forecasting function will make it possible to calculate expenses for your car for the year ahead.

There will be an opportunity to share information about current fuel prices and charging station prices with other users.

If you like our product, please write a review in the App Store or Google Play. And if you have any comments or suggestions, please write to us - we will definitely work on your request and respond promptly. We care about your experience with our app and are always looking for ways to improve it.