Tracking mileage with the ARBA Auto app

December 11, 2022

Mileage Tracking

If your car is not a museum piece, the main indicator of its operation will be Mileage. Your car costs are directly related to how many kilometers you drive. And if you don't drive much, owning a private car can cost more than a premium cab.
So how many kilometers do you drive each month? The ARBA Auto app can answer this question. This is not just a mileage counter, the application has a fairly powerful mathematical apparatus for analyzing the data you enter. In particular, the application knows how to distribute mileage by months. And it does not require you to specify the mileage for the first and the last day of the month.
Conventional (left) vs. ARBA Auto (right) Approach

Look at these two charts. Both are based on the same raw data. The chart on the left shows the data as it was entered by the user. Almost all known applications work this way. And the chart on the right shows how the mileage is displayed in ARBA Auto. The application distributes the mileage by months, which allows you to compare periods and assess the intensity of car use in a much more convenient way.

Keep in mind that the accuracy of the distribution will be higher if you make not one, but 3-5 records with the odometer value for the month. Our recommendation: when you record the gas mileage, it will be enough to make a chart with an accuracy of about 99%.

You can learn more about how mileage accounting and other features of ARBA Auto work in the User Guide.