Motor Clubs and Communities

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For motorclubs

Here is just a short list of app features for motorclubs:
  • Unlimited possibilities for publishing media content by club members: photos, 60sec-videos, YouTube-links, geolocation, ride details.
  • Chats for the entire club and separately for events.
  • The ability to restrict access to the channel only to members.
Offline events
  • Planning and conducting offline events.
  • Map with the translation of the geolocation of participants in real time.
  • Club events archive.
New members
  • Admission of new participants on request.
  • Channel joining restrictions by region or car model.
  • Invitation by external link of the form
  • Internal links of the form @ClubName
  • Member administration, add/remove.
  • Delegation of administrative rights.
  • Assigning ranks and titles to members. Event archive management.
Download the Presentation (PDF)
Learn more about all features available on ARBA for motor clubs.