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Motor Clubs Features

Short list of ARBA golden features motor clubs will benefit of:
  • Publishing unlimited media content by club members: photos, 150-sec-videos, YouTube-links, geolocation, ride details.
  • Club chat for members and separate events chat
  • The ability to restrict access to the channel only to members.
Offline events
  • Planning and conducting of offline events.
  • Reminders and notifications.
  • Live location sharing on the map.
  • Club events archive.
  • Supporting club/members stickers with NFC and QR-codes.
  • Quick onboarding for new members.
  • Admission of new participants on request.
  • Channel joining restrictions by region or car model.
  • Search and add new members.
  • Invitation by external link
  • Member administration, add/remove.
  • Delegation of administrative rights.
  • Assigning ranks and titles to members.
  • Club partners with contact details.
The ARBA app combines all the top technical features of messengers, social networks and publicity to manage a motor club and its activities. Use only one specialized app to manage your motor club.

The ARBA app is an international platform for world motor clubs and car enthusiasts of all countries. You can easily find new members for your motor club from among the ARBA users. You will have the opportunity to interact, compete, collaborate and even unite with motor clubs in other countries.

The ARBA app builds partnerships with automotive associations, motor shows, automakers, dealers and suppliers around the world. And your motor club will be able to interact with them on the ARBA app.

How to create your own club on ARBA?
It will take 5 minutes
Install the app
Download the app here or scan the QR code below with your camera.
Register in the app as a user. Enter your e-mail and create a password. Or sign in with your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts. Be sure to add your vehicle.
Create a channel
Create a standard free channel, reserve a name for your club.
Activate your subscription
In the channel settings, activate a subscription with a free trial period.
Invite your club members
Send link invitations to your club members. To join the channel, participants are required to register themselves and register their vehicles. Add other ARBA users that meet your requirements.

User Guide

Learn more about all features available on ARBA for motor clubs.

User Guide: Communities

User Guide: Motor Clubs

User Guide: Digital Service Book

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