A car with history costs more!

Digital Service Book

Repair history, expenses, maintenance schedule and logbook in one app

Confused about the archive of old invoices?
Don't remember when it is time to change the oil?

It's time to start your Digital Service Book!
The car's cost will be under control and you will no longer miss any extension of your insurance and oil change.
Service history
The whole history of repairs with prices and dates and mileage. No more need to keep old paper invoices, the whole history is always at hand!
Service plan
All planned activities are under your control - oil and filter change, annual car inspection, insurance, etc. The app will remind you of everything in advance.
Mileage control
The app will sometimes ask you about the current mileage in order to correctly predict planned events.
If your car is serviced by an ARBA Partner, then all your information will be maintained by the workshop itself. You will be able to make records within the app and chat with your mechanic.
Install a handy app!

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