Data import and export

Import, export and cloud sync


Starting with the ARBA Drivers Club app, you can quickly transfer all available data on the history of the car in CSV format to it. To do this, you need to create a tank with the desired type of fuel and / or battery in the auto settings. Up to 3 types of fuel are allowed at the same time. More through the Backup tab, upload a file with your data - expenses, refueling, charging, mileage.

Use the original ARBA App format, it is described in detail in the documentation provided here.

You can also upload data uploaded from the following applications to the application:

Don't forget to add the battery in the vehicle settings. Upload the file, check the data. If something is wrong, in the Backup tab you can rollback the operation by deleting the last downloaded package, fix the data and download again. Need more import formats? Write to us.

Export *

At any time, you can download the history of expenses and income of your car in the ARBA App format. You have two options:
1) Data Backup - data export with identifiers. You can export data, edit and upload back to the same vehicle, without any duplicates.
2) Data Transfer - data export without identifiers. You can import this data to another car created in the app.

Synchronization of devices with the cloud

You can use an unlimited number of different types of devices - iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Android devices. And all these devices will be synchronized automatically as soon as you login to the app under your account. However, in some exceptional cases, due to a bad connection, synchronization may not work, in this case you can force it by clicking on the "Synchronization" button on the Backup tab.

Safe Mode

The app has two levels of protection against importing incorrect data. If the validation system somehow passes data into the app that will lead to crashes, the app will restart, go into safe mode and prompt you to delete the package with incorrect data. In this case, you can send us this file for analysis.

* Paid feature, purchased once as a "Premium" extension pack. No subscription required.