Hybrids and EVs

Energy billing for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles

For plug-in hybrids, you need to add a fuel tank and an additional battery in the car settings. For EV, only the battery needs to be added.
With the ARBA Drivers Club app, you have two ways to record your charging costs:

1. If you charge on paid chargers, you can enter each recharge, indicating the mileage. The app will calculate the efficiency of each recharge and show the statistics right in the timeline. For even higher accuracy of calculations, you can even specify the battery level, but this is not necessary.

2. If you charge at home and receive billing for electricity monthly, then it will be convenient for you to make one record at the end of the month. In this case, it is important to indicate the amount of energy expended and the amount, but without indicating the mileage.

In both cases, the app will build full-fledged reports on both the cost of ownership and energy consumption by months with reference to mileage.

a) Charging logging, b) Consumption between charges, c) Reports and statistics

List of indicators calculated for each month:

  1. Charging costs
  2. Energy consumption per km or mile (MPG)
  3. Average price
  4. Consumption efficiency per mileage
  5. The amount of purchased energy
  6. Average consumption per month per 100 km (or miles)

Extra Features:

If you use Tesla superchargers in Europe and the US, download the reports generated on
* Compare on the graph the performance by year or with other cars from your virtual garage.
* View reports in any of the 14 available currencies.

* Paid features, purchased in the form of expansion packs linked to the car. No subscriptions required.