Fuel Economy

With the ARBA Drivers Club app, you have two ways to track your fuel consumption.

1. If you carefully enter every fill-up of fuel and indicate the mileage, the app will calculate the efficiency of each fill-up and display the statistics directly in the timeline.

2. If only the calculation of the cost of ownership is more important to you, then the cost of refueling can be made at the end of the month in one entry. In this case, it is important to indicate the volume of fuel and the amount, but without indicating the mileage.

In both cases, the app will build full-fledged reports on both the cost of ownership and fuel consumption by months with reference to mileage.

a) Refuelling registration, b) Consumption between fillings, c) Analysis and statistics

List of indicators calculated for each month:

  1. Refuelling costs
  2. Consumption per km or mile (MPG)
  3. Average price
  4. Efficiency of consumption per unit of run
  5. Fuel volume
  6. Average consumption per month per 100 km or miles

Extra Features:

  1. * Compare on the graph the performance by year or with other cars from your virtual garage.
  2. * View reports in any of the 14 available currencies.

* Paid features, purchased in the form of expansion packs linked to the car. No subscriptions required.