Car Ownership Cost

Accounting for expenses and determining the car ownership costs

If you care about your financial well-being, you must clearly understand your income and expenses. There must be a limit on the car that it is undesirable to go beyond. If income increases, then you can increase the limits - this is how budget planning works.

The budget for the vehicle sets a limit on the cost of ownership, so it is important to track it every month.

In the ARBA Drivers Club app, the cost of ownership includes 4 groups, each of which has its own categories and *subcategories:

1. Running costs

Fuel, carwash, parking, fines, unscheduled repairs, etc.

2. Scheduled maintenance

Service, spare parts, consumables.

3. Fixed costs

Taxes, interest on loans, insurance, MOT and so on

4. Depreciation

Loss in the value of your vehicle over the period of ownership.

a) Registration of expenses, b-c) Categories of expenses

All these expenses form the cost of car ownership on a monthly basis, which can be viewed in the app report.


a) Expense history, b) Monthly report, c) Expense charts

1. To calculate depreciation, enter a car purchase record with the Vehicle Acquisition category. If you later bought some extras, then indicate them as tuning, then they will be taken into account in depreciation. Next, on the Reports screen at the bottom, indicate the market price of your car, The app will calculate the difference and distribute it by day for the entire period of ownership.

2. If you do not want to record every refueling or charging, enter this data once a month. Banking applications or applications of operators of gas stations or charging stations can help you with this.

3. In the reports, you can see the indicator of the cost per kilometer. Isn't it higher than a taxi ride, car sharing or car rental? If it is higher, then this is a warning sign: you either use your car too little, or it is too expensive, or the cost of it is too high.4. Track cost of ownership over time, make sure that this indicator does not exceed the limit planned in the budget.

5. When planning your budget, keep in mind that the costs for groups 3 and 4 will not decrease even if you stop using the vehicle altogether.

6. * If your income is in another currency, then it also makes sense to keep the budget in this currency. In the reports of the ARBA app, you can see all the information in euros or dollars - all transactions will be taken into account at the official exchange rate on the date of the transaction. This makes it possible to completely exclude the influence of inflation and exchange rate volatility in the analysis of expenses.