Accounting for car expenses

Accounting for car expenses

Car expenses can be kept in a notebook or in a spreadsheet, in which case you will see the amount of expenses for the month and for the year. But for a car, it is very important to take into account the mileage expense indicator, and this is difficult to do using tables or manually, because how to record the mileage value at the beginning and end of the month.

The ARBA Drivers Club app implements complex statistical algorithms to calculate with high accuracy the mileage per month for several records entered without any order on any day of the month.

All that is required of you is to enter expenses into the app, indicating the amount and category of expenses. It is advisable to indicate the mileage, if possible, at least 1-2 times a month. The app will perform all the necessary calculations and display important indicators for analysis.

Key indicators that take into account car mileage

Thanks to this feature, the app, among other things, will display for each month some important indicators that other applications cannot calculate:

  • Mileage per month
  • How much does 1 km (mile) cost by category groups
  • Fuel cost per 1 km (mile) run
  • Fuel Efficiency - how many km (miles) a car travels per 1 liter (gallon, kWh)
  • Average fuel consumption per 100 km (miles)

Cost of owning a car per month

This is the most important indicator of the car that needs to be tracked over time. It is calculated from the following components:

  1. Scheduled maintenance costs (maintenance, replacement of consumables)
  2. Fixed expenses (taxes, insurance, etc.)
  3. Car depreciation (loss of car value over time)
  4. Running costs (fuel, parking, fines, unscheduled repairs, etc.)

Running costs

  • Fuel costs per monthAmount of fuel consumed per month
  • Average fuel price

Fuel consumption data between fill-ups

If you record refueling or charging and at the same time always indicate the odometer value, then the following fuel consumption analytics will be available to you:

  • Distance traveled in km (mile)
  • Average consumption per 100 km (miles) between refuelings
  • Cost of mileage 1 km (mile)

Ways to save time on expense tracking

  1. We know from real experience that it is not always possible to enter fuel costs and indicate mileage in a timely manner. This is not a problem for the ARBA app. You can take a summary of refills / recharge for a month, for example, from a banking application or a gas station chain application and enter them in one summary entry without indicating mileage. But in this case, it is desirable to indicate the current mileage at least 1-2 times a month on any day. In this case, the app will calculate all key indicators, except for secondary data on fuel consumption between refilles.
  2. If you use the Tesla charger network, you can regularly upload a supercharger charging file to the ARBA app through the import mechanism.