Drivers Club

New generation app for tracking and analysis of car expenses
Download the app for free and keep your car expenses under control!
Statistical methods of analysis
Statistical methods of analysis
Hybrids and EVs
Unlimited vehicles including hybrids and EVs
Depreciation over the period of ownership
Calculation of depreciation for the period of ownership
Cars sale
Buying and selling well-maintained vehicles

Choose innovation!

The old tools are outdated, it's time to move to
ARBA Drivers Club
Trackers and spreadsheets are obsolete. They require a lot of redundant information, taking up your time and not giving an idea of the real cost of car ownership.
Use a new generation app - enter a minimum of data, get the most effective analytics:
Cost of ownership metrics - cost/income control, analysis, comparison
Several methods for calculating fuel consumption efficiency
Maintenance plan, reminders by mileage intervals and periods
Automatic device synchronization, backups, data import/export
Information about every car from your garage without confusion
Opportunity to sell or buy a used car
ARBA Drivers Club is the best car cost control app. All you need is:
Download & install the app
Add your car(s) - the number is unlimited
Set up your cars, add fuel tanks and batteries
Import the data you need from another app or enter the data manually
Get more features by purchasing extension packs
All key functionality is available for free - no subscriptions required!

Minimum input data -
maximum information

You will always have a complete picture of car expenses at your fingertips
Less data entry required compared to other products
The entire history of maintenance and car costs at hand in a convenient form
Statistical methods allow you to get more important indicators
Timely reminder to change oil and pay insurance and other regular activities
Calculation of the cost of car ownership with depreciation according to the international method
The app can be run on Apple devices: iPhones, iPads and MacBooks with M1 processor
You will have everything under control - the app will keep the history, display a lot of key indicators on the charts, remind you in time about the upcoming maintenance, and calculate forecasts.

Monitor your vehicle performance

Compare key indicators of vehicles on charts
Mileage comparison in the ARBA Drivers Club app
Vehicle Comparison
Performance of several cars from your garage on charts
Period Comparison
The performance of the same car in different periods
Comparison in different currencies
Analysis of expenses/income with conversion to other currencies
Mileage comparison in the ARBA Drivers Club app

Application benefits:

Professional budgeting
Minimal investment of time, full understanding of the real cost of owning a car.
Advanced features
Comparison of indicators, analysis of expenses in hard currency, geolocation functions.
Online support
Real-time support within the app, the ability to contact the team via Telegram or social networks.
Constant development of the app
We are constantly working on improving the app to make its use even more comfortable for you. Submit your suggestions and our team will listen to your recommendations.

Benefits for users:

Time saving
Less input data, less input costs. Import data through import mechanisms.
Based on the available data, the application makes fairly accurate forecasts for mileage and future expenses
Add all planned events to the schedule, the app will remind you in advance of upcoming events - oil changes, insurance purchases, etc.
Increasing the value of the car
You can put up a car for sale right in the app. A car with history costs much more.
Download the app for free and keep your car expenses under control!
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