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Digital Service Book

Repair history, expenses, maintenance schedule and logbook in one app

What does your client get?

At your invitation, the client installs a free mobile app that provides the following options for him:
To make appointments online in the allocated time slots, receive confirmation, reschedule, if necessary.
Service History
The client gets a full service plan in the form of a set of indicators that are monitored taking into account the intervals of mileage and time.
Maintenance Plan
The client gets a full service plan in the form of a set of indicators that are monitored taking into account the intervals of mileage and time.
Special Offers
A list of defects that need to be fixed, seasonal discounts and offers - for the client this is not spam, but valuable information.
Online Support
The client can contact the garage with a question. There is no need to introduce oneself and explain who he is and what car he is talking about.
The system interacts with the client, reminds and tells when and what needs to be done.
It's simple really: If you love your customer, they will love you back.
Stephen Key, FORBS

What does your garage get?

You invest 7 additional minutes per year in your client and get the growth of key business indicators:
Retention rate
A customer who accidentally comes in is likely to become a regular.
Average spend
The user follows your instructions and orders not what he wants, but what is prescribed by the regulations recommended by the manufacturer.
The ability to more accurately plan the arrival of customers allows you to evenly distribute the load, especially in high season.
Client base
The new service gives you a competitive advantage. Your automotive garage, marked as a Gold Partner, will be displayed in the top of the search query in the ARBA directory.
Volume of sales
You get a unique sales channel for services and spare parts through the "Recommendations" mechanism. Sell more with an individual approach to the client.
Customer loyalty
The client begins to trust your garage more and perceives it as the "Family Doctor" of his car.
Choose your plan
You can start small and upgrade your plan at any time
Includes 20 vehicles
€25 /year
  • €2.50 per extra vehicle / year
Order now
Includes 100 vehicles
€17 /month
  • €2.00 per extra vehicle / year
Order now

Getting started is easy!

Using your ARBA app account, log in to the DSB portal
and activate your subscription.
Customer invitation
Use QR-code and link to invite your customers to use the digital service.
System Integration (optional)
You can speed up work by half due to safe integration with your accounting system. We will help you to implement it.
Let's go!
The system will generate tasks for your employees.
We will regularly send you reports on their performance.

User Guide

Learn more about the possibilities of the ARBA Digital Service Book for business

User Guide: Digital Service Book

User Guide: Digital Service Book for Business

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