Motor club

User Guide
ARBA is a unique app specialized for motor clubs. The platform is provided by subscription with a free two-week trial period.

Creating a channel for the club

Create a regular community channel. Go to the channel settings and select the Channel type "Motor club" and save the settings. The channel will change its appearance, all extra features will be added. However, a subscription payment must be made to make them available for use.

Payment for channel subscription for motor club

Open the channel settings and tap the gold button "Upgrade channel to motor club". Check out the current User Agreement and the price.
Free 2 weeks are provided only upon activation of the first channel. Users are provided with a monthly renewable subscription, which can be interrupted at any time, but will be valid until the end of the month.

No refunds are issued due to Apple and Google policies. You can activate up to 5 subscriptions on Apple devices and up to 5 subscriptions on Android devices. If you need more paid channels, contact the technical support via the form or @support in the app.

Immediately after payment and activation of the subscription, all channel extra features will become available to you and all members of your club.

General channel chat

To open the general club chat, tap the "Chat" button on the main screen of the channel.
Using the “@” symbol, you can mention in the chat
● usernames,
● vehicles,
● channel names,
● companies.

When someone starts to write in the general chat, all club members receive a notification. Further, instead of notifications, the "Chat" button on the main screen of the channel will turn gold, this means that there are unread messages in the chat.
The chat supports uploading photos as well as external web links.

Live Location Sharing

Channel members can show their location on a map using the Live Location Sharing feature, accessible from the "Map" button on the channel's main screen. When you enter the map, the broadcast turns on automatically. The location can only be seen by those users who have also turned on the sharing of their geolocation. While the sharing is on, the "#" button of the main menu will show the "Map" icon, and a circle near the "Map" button will blink in the channel in gold with the number of users who have turned on the broadcast. The Live Location Sharing can be turned off by clicking on this circle, or directly on the map.

User geolocation is not stored on ARBA servers. In order to protect the privacy of users, the location of users is displayed with a reduced accuracy of 1-2 km. The broadcast turns off automatically after 60 minutes.

Member administration

Standard user administration steps are described here. The owner of the club channel has the ability to assign an unlimited number of additional administrators under the "Roles" tab, assign members according to their rank from 1 to 3 stars in three possible colors (Blue / Silver / Gold) and titles (up to 7 characters).

Search and add new members

The administrator of the paid channel has the opportunity, at his discretion, to invite to his club channel an unlimited number of members from among the users of the ARBA App.

Open the "Members" tab in the club channel and tap the "Add Members" button. Customize the filter according to your preferences by region, car or motorcycle makes or models. Add users to the club by clicking the "Add" button.

Each added user will receive a notification and can leave your channel at their discretion. All members in the “Members” list are sorted by date of registration in the channel (new ones are added to the end of the list).

Event planning

The main feature of the club channel is the ability to create an unlimited number of subchannels.

Subchannels, called "Events" in the App, can be used to store club information, instructions, photo albums, and so on. They have the full range of main channel features, including their own news feed, separate list of participants, chat and Live Location Sharing features.

The main purpose of the sub-channel is to support the planning and hosting of offline events - meetings of club members.

Any club member who has the authority to post to the channel can create events. When creating an event, a club member becomes the administrator of the created subchannel and receives the power to edit, manage members, and delete.
To create events, a member of the club channel should open the "Events" tab and tap the "New event" button. Another way to create an event is to tap the "New Post" button and select the "New Event" option.
In the form that opens, one field is required - the text for the post, in which it is recommended to inform members about the subject of the event.
You can upload photos, videos or a geolocation related to the future event.
All other fields are filled in automatically, but editing is recommended:
- Upload an icon for the event, it will be placed on the main screen of the club channel.
- Indicate the date and time of the event. The default is the current date.
- Indicate the name of the event. The default is the name of the organizer.
- Edit the unique event name - You can use the URL link to invite members to join the event.
If you want to confirm the joining of each member, enable the “Admin's confirmation is required” option.
If you want only you and the club administrators to be able to publish in the subchannel, then enable the "Users can only read" option.
You can select up to 3 tags that will be related to the Event.
Tap "Done" to publish the Event.
When the event is published, the organizer has the option to add members to his subchannel from among the club members at his discretion.

The completed event can be transferred to the club event archive. To do this, the administrator should open the "Events" tab and use the "swipe to the left" gesture to call the "Archive" button. To restore an Event from the archive, you need to find it in the “Archive” tab and perform the same action.

Use Cases for Events

Large clubs can host several events simultaneously on the same day. In order to plan and conduct them, the organizers agree on plans in a general chat, then create several events and recruit members to them.

The organizers can add someone themselves, someone can join or apply for participation on their own. Inside the event, the organizers publish all the necessary information: geolocation of the meeting place, instructions, recommendations and locations.

When scheduling a meeting, users can talk in a separate chat of this subchannel. During the gathering of members to a given point, they can turn on the "Live Location Sharing" mode to see each other's locations.

Members can post content (photos, videos, geolocation, etc.) to the event's sub-channel. Moreover, if the club channel is open, all publications will appear in the main feed of the App.

After the end of the event, the event can be transferred to the Club archive, where it will be available for viewing by all club members.

Club partners

The club channel administrator can add a company from the ARBA business directory to the list of club partners.

If your partner, whom you would like to show your members, is not registered in ARBA yet, you can offer him to register in the app for free.
To add a partner company, open the "Partners" tab, tap the "Add partners" button and use the filters to select the required companies.
Company administrators will be notified accordingly.
All added companies will be placed in the "Club Partners" list, any member can go to the screen of this company in one click.
To remove a partner from the list, click the cross in the upper right corner on the company card.