User Guide
Any user of the ARBA application has the opportunity to create their own community on a specific topic. This can be a community of owners of cars or motorcycles of a particular make and/or model; motorists in a specific city; community of car photographers; car spotters; community dedicated to regular car/moto events, etc. For such communities, the ARBA application provides a special tool - Channels (the second tab of the main menu with a "#" sign).

Creating a community

Tap the "#" tab.
Tap the "(+)" icon in the upper right corner.
Fill out the form, upload a community logo, provide a full and short name. The short name will be used in the channel's web link, so it must be unique and must not contain spaces or special characters. You can also add a channel description and rules for members.
Channel type = "Standard".
The "Read Only" setting will prevent your members from making their own posts in your channel, but they will be able to read and comment on it.

The "Private Channel" setting allows you to exclude other users from the channel. The published content will not appear in the feed on the home screen. Only members of your channel will have access to the channel.

The "Confirmation Required" setting will allow you to manually accept or reject requests to join your channel.
The "Membership" settings allows you to set a restriction on the entry of users into your channel. You can specify with which brands and models and from which regions you want to admit users to your channel.
Tap the "Done" button and select a vehicle from your virtual garage that will represent you in the new channel. If there is only one vehicle in your garage, it will be selected automatically.
All channel parameters, as well as the description and rules, will be displayed under the "About" tab.

Content publishing

You have a wide range of content publishing options: photos, videos (up to 150 seconds), Youtube videos, geo-locations, routes. For iOS users, there is also an article contructor for complex posts with an unlimited number of text and media blocks that are displayed on all supported devices.

You can add up to 3 tags to each post by which users can search for content on the "Home" screen.
Inviting members
After creating a channel, make your first posts. If the channel is open, then the channel's posts will appear in the main feed on the "Home" screen, as well as on the site at
You can also talk about your channel in the common chat of your country, indicating the name of your channel with the "@"
(Example: @YourChannelName).
You can send a link to the site "" to friends, where they can view your content and install the app to connect to your channel. You can copy the link in your channel by clicking on the button with three dots in the upper right corner.
You can remove any member of your channel in the "Members" tab, select a user, tap the black button with three dots and then the "Remove" button.

How to join a channel

To join any channel, the user must have at least one vehicle that meets the channel's requirements. To connect to a private channel, you need to submit a request and wait for the administrator's decision. You will be notified accordingly.

To leave a channel, you can go to the "Members" tab, find your card there and tap the black button with three dots and then the "Leave Channel" button.

Also, you can leave a channel from the "My Channels" tab by swiping to the left and tapping the red "Leave" button.

How to delete a channel

If you are the only member of your channel, you can delete it in the channel profile (the "Delete" button at the bottom of the screen). You can also leave the channel and then it will be deleted automatically.