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If you are reading this, it means you've been chosen from hundreds of garages across the Netherlands. Now, we are thrilled to invite you to join our new startup, complete with a special offer!



It's the Face of Your Business

In the modern era, your website often serves as the first touchpoint for potential clients, even more so than the physical garage. It's the digital handshake that sets the tone for your business relationship. Ensuring it's appealing is akin to maintaining a clean and welcoming physical space.

It's Your Client Magnet

A well-optimized website doesn't just draw clients through organic traffic and digital ads. It also boosts conversion rates. Clear, intuitive navigation ensures potential customers aren't deterred by confusion when trying to book services.

It Streamlines Operations

Gone are the days of relying solely on phone calls and manual client tracking. A modern website offers comprehensive operational management, automating processes and letting the system work efficiently for you.
Enhance my online prescense

We're Excited to Embark on This Journey with You

We're in search of a pilot client to test our system in real-world conditions and gather valuable feedback.

Our Ideal Partner:

Operates a garage offering a range of services, including leasing.

Is in the process of updating their website.

Values smart investments

Limited Availability
Exclusive slots left for our pilot program
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A unique offer Exclusively for You

We are seeking a pilot client to test our system in a real-world scenario, offering exceptional benefits in return.

What You Get

A premium-level website at an unbeatable price.
Top-tier design, crafted by our partners in the Netherlands.
Risk-free collaboration: You pay only upon project completion

What We Get

  • Invaluable experience testing our system in a real-world scenario.
  • Feedback on the work we've done.
  • A review of the results, which we'll have permission to publish.
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What’s included
in the project?

Within the scope of the project, you will receive a fully functional website with the following features implemented

Top-level Features

Classic Site Structure

WordPress site using the "PRO" premium theme, enhanced with the powerful "Cornerstone" toolkit.

Appointment Management

You will be able to set work schedules, define open slots, and let clients choose, easing reception load.

Vehicle Classifier

Showcase cars for lease or sale directly on your site.

Communication Tools

A contact form, integration with "Klanter Vertellen", and a Google Maps widget on the "Contact" page will simplify communication with your clients.

External Services

Most popular integrated features:

Guaranteed Efficiency

Search Engine Optimisation

Our efforts aim to improve visibility for both branded and local service searches. You'll be granted full access to Google Search Console to monitor progress.

Minimum Perfomance Metrics

Best Practices

Post-project Additional Services

Hosting & Support

Take your site to your hosting or leave it with us. We provide fast, reliable hosting in The Netherlands.

Digital Advertising

We offer expert Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram campaign setup to drive traffic to your new site.

Premium on ARBA Auto

Our app for car owners. Your auto service will be highlighted as a partner, attracting more customers.

We deeply respect your business

This is why we operate with integrity and strive to deliver the utmost for our clients.

Personalized Design

We're confident that your unique business deserves a personalized design touch. That's why our highly experienced partners from the Netherlands will be overseeing it.

Owning The Outcome

We'll completely transfer the website to you. We won't collect any data or include our advertising on your website.

No Risks

All the risks are on us. You won't need to pay anything until the work is completed.

Who we are?

ARBA International B.V.

At ARBA International B.V., we're more than just a tech company.
We're a team of visionaries.

With over six years of deep immersion in the automotive industry, we've cultivated a profound understanding of garage operations and their digital needs.
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Our reputation isn't just built on expertise but on trust. We've been the silent force behind many successful digital transitions, and now, we're thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to be part of our new venture.
Ivan Alexandrov

Ivan Alexandrov, PhD.
CEO, ARBA International B.V.

Launch Your Premium Garage Website with Us

Embark on Our Pilot Program in Just 3 Steps
We're excited to embark on this journey with you. By joining our pilot initiative, you'll benefit from special terms, including an exclusive discount for a tailored website. In exchange, we ask for your insightful feedback, which we may showcase publicly. Rest assured, we'll be with you every step of the way, ensuring clear communication.
Step 1

Initial Contact

Reach out to us via the email we sent or simply fill out the form on the right. We're eager to hear from you.
Step 2

Agreement and Details

Upon receiving your response, we'll swiftly provide an agreement and delve into the specifics of our collaboration. Together, we'll iron out the details and set the stage for a successful partnership.
Step 3

Witness Your Website's Evolution

Once terms are set, the magic begins. We'll guide you through each phase, presenting optimal choices and ensuring a hassle-free experience. Anticipate a smooth journey culminating in a stellar website.
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