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If you use your car to make money, this feature helps you track revenue, expenses, and profits for each vehicle.
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What's included

[ 01 ]

Income Accounting

This feature allows users to track and manage their income related to their cars, such as earnings from ridesharing services, car rentals, or any other car-related businesses.
[ 02 ]

Monthly Income Overview

Allows users to view a summary of their monthly income, providing a quick snapshot of their earnings and trends over time.
[ 03 ]

Income Category Breakdown

This feature categorizes and breaks down income sources, helping users understand where their earnings are coming from.
[ 04 ]

Average Daily Earnings

Allows users to see their average daily income, which helps in monitoring their financial performance and setting income goals.
[ 05 ]

Earnings per Distance

This feature calculates and displays earnings in relation to the distance driven, giving users insights into their efficiency and profitability.
[ 06 ]

Net Profit Analysis

Allows users to track and analyze their net profit by considering expenses related to car maintenance, fuel, and other costs, helping them understand their true profitability.
[ 07 ]

Earnings Forecasting

This tool predicts future earnings based on historical data and trends, aiding users in making informed financial decisions and planning for the future.
[ 08 ]

Comparison of cars by earnings

Allows users to compare the earnings generated by different cars in their fleet, helping them identify which vehicles are the most profitable and which may need attention or adjustments.
What's important and advantageous - the purchase is made once and remains with the car forever.
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