Key Features


Key features of the ARBA Auto app are available free of charge and ad-free. You can import and export data, schedule maintenance, keep track of expenses and mileage, analyze data on charts, and more.

Number of vehicles
Types of fuel at the same time
Up to 3
Full support for hybrids and electric cars
Accounting for expenses by category
Fuel consumption statistics for each refuelling / charging
Fuel and TCO Calculator
Calculation of depreciation for the period of ownership
Statistical analysis of mileage, distribution by months
Trip cost calculator
Planning: scheduled maintenance, replacement of spare parts, renewal of insurance, replacement of rights, etc
Mileage forecast
Maintenance of tuning cards with the possibility of publication for club members
Private or public logbook (blog)
Full access to communities of similar car owners
Publication of a vehicle for sale
Import CSV files: native format, Drivvo, Road Trip MPG, Tesla Superchargers (Tesla.com), Fuel Manager


Extensions are purchased as a one-time purchase for each car and remain with the user forever.

With the "Premium" extension, the user can transfer the car to another user along with the purchased extensions.



One-time purchase

Track your income, customize cost structures, compare cars, and even transfer your detailed car history to another user.

Income accounting: If you use your car to make money, this feature helps you track revenue, expenses, and profits for each vehicle.
Customizable expense subcategories: You can add your own subcategories for each cost category, such as "Brake Pads" under "Consumables".
Comparison of cars by category: This feature creates a report in graph form to show which car is more expensive or profitable based on your data.
Transfer a car to another user: The extension helps you create a detailed history of your car, which can increase its market value. You can transfer this information to a new owner at any time.


One-time purchase

Record and track your income and expenses in foreign currencies, view them in reports and graphs, and convert them to any of 17 supported currencies.

Registration of income and expenses in foreign currencies
Dashboard and charts with conversion to foreign currencies
Supported currencies: EUR, USD, AED, AUD, BYN, CAD, CHF, DKK, GBP, KZT, MDL, NOK, NZD, RUB, SAR, SEK, UAH

Data Export


Export data in CSV format for archiving, analysis and editing.

Exporting data for backups and for transferring data in CSV format
Mass editing and addition of data
Manual data analysis
Cloning vehicle's data


One-time purchase

Plan and track fuel consumption and expenses, and schedule maintenance using the mileage and fuel consumption forecasting feature.

Mileage forecast based on current vehicle usage data
Forecast of the amount of fuel you will need in the next 12 months
Forecast of fuel expenses in the next 12 months