Set up the app in a few clicks

Set up your profile

  • 1

    If necessary, change the currency in the user profile.

  • 2

    Add your cars/motorcycles, and upload photos. Can't find your vehicle brand or model? Contact us.

Set up your vehicle

  • 3

    Set up fuel tanks (and/or batteries) for each vehicle.
  • 4

    You can import your historical data. If the required format is not available, please contact us.

Depreciation: Purchase price

  • 5

    Specify the purchase price in the Timeline tab.

Depreciation: Market price

  • 6

    Enter the current market price in the Reports tab (scroll down to Settings).



Write to the user "Support" directly in the application. To do this, in the main menu (the "burger" button in the upper left corner of the screen), click on "Private messages".

You can also ask any questions on our Telegram channel.