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The Premium Extension offers a suite of advanced features tailored for those seeking professional-level car management.
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Calculation of Ownership Cost indicators

We employ globally recognized standard formulas for all calculations. You can find detailed information about it here.
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Monthly Total Cost

Provides users with a comprehensive view of their monthly expenses related to car ownership, including maintenance, fuel, insurance, and more.
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Total Cost Breakdown

Allows to analyze and understand the breakdown of your total car-related expenses.
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Daily Ownership Cost

Calculates the daily cost of owning and operating a car, giving insights into your daily expenses related to your vehicle.
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Monthly Depreciation

Provides you with a monthly assessment of how much your car's value has decreased, helping you evaluate the financial performance of your vehicle.
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Accumulated Depreciation

Shows the cumulative depreciation over time, allowing you to see how much your car has depreciated since acquisition.
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Projected Residual Value

Allows to estimate the future value of your car based on depreciation trends, assisting in long-term financial planning.
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Ownership per Distance

Calculates the cost of car ownership per distance driven, aiding you in understanding the financial impact of your driving habits.
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Idle Time Daily

Allows to monitor the daily idle time of your car, helping you identify periods when your vehicle is not in use and potentially saving on expenses.

    Calculating indicators

    Additional options

    • Adjustment of an ownership period
    • Incorporating tuning adjustments into depreciation calculations
    • Incorporating leasing adjustments calculations

    Selling Advantages

    This not only enables you to easily sell your car but also potentially increase its price by sharing an honest car maintenance history.
    • Option to list your car for sale in the app
    • Option to share its history
    • Option to transfer the history to a new owner

    Subcategory Customization

    Utilize categories at an advanced level: create new ones to build the ideal system that perfectly suits your needs

    Data Export

    Export data in CSV format for archiving, analysis and editing
    • Exporting data for backups and for transferring data in CSV format
    • Mass editing and addition of data
    • Manual data analysis
    • Cloning vehicle's data
    What's important and advantageous - the purchase is made once and remains with the car forever.
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    We have prepared a guide on working with imports and exports. Check this out on our website.
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