Travel Cost Calculator

To go to the Trip Cost Calculator, go to the “Timeline” tab and tap the calculator icon at the top of the feed. In the upper field, enter the distance for which you want to calculate the cost. Tap the “Calculate” button.

In the “Cost of the trip” field, the cost of the trip will appear, and in the four fields below, a breakdown of what is included in this cost:

  • General fuel costs;
  • Fuel volume;
  • The minimum number of refuelings (recharging) that you have to do on the way if you leave with a full tank;
  • The cost of operating the vehicle (Prime cost), including all scheduled maintenance costs, fixed costs (inspection, taxes, etc.) and depreciation.

To view all parameters used in calculations, scroll down the Calculator screen and tap “Options”. To calculate these parameters, the application uses the historical data entered for the current vehicle. You have the option to change these parameters and see how the cost of the trip will change.

The first section shows the values for calculating fuel costs (average consumption and average fuel price).

The second section shows the values from which the cost of the vehicle is formed:

  • Routine maintenance costs (per 1 km or mile)
  • Standing annual costs (per 1 km or mile)
  • Depreciation (per 1 km or mile)

More information about how costs are distributed by groups and categories can be found here.