Expense Tracking

To record expenses, navigate to the “Timeline” tab, click the “pencil” button and select “Add expenses”.

In the ARBA Auto app, an unlimited number of lines (positions) can be entered in one form, which allows one record to save the whole invoice with full details.

For each item, enter the “Name” (optional field), quantity, price and/or total cost and expense category.

The sum of all positions will be entered in the Total field – the only required field in the “Expenses” form.

The “Expenses” form provides quick entry. Enter the amount of the expense in the Total field and click Done. The form will create a position for this amount with an empty title and the default category “Other”. Press Done again and the expense will be saved.

If you have an account of 1000 and you deposit only one item for 100 and tap Done, the application will add another item for 900 with the default category “Other”.

In the ARBA Auto application, it is critical to correctly indicate the categories of expenses, as this is required by the accounting methodology.

For convenience, the “Expenses” form has additional optional fields:

  • Upload an invoice. You can take a photo and upload a photo of the document (only one image).
  • Currency (default base for your country).
  • Budget (in the future, analytics will be added to charts for this field).
  • Supplier (the ability to specify the address and geolocation of the supplier of services / goods).
  • Notes (for your notes).

You can also set up recurring expenses here.

Once saved, the expense will appear as an entry in the Timeline feed. If you did not enter the mileage yourself, the application will calculate it based on the available data (it will be displayed in gray).

If you enter an expense in a foreign currency, the app will convert the amount at the official exchange rate on the date of payment. The app will also show the expense in your base currency.