Planning a maintenance plan

In the ARBA Auto application, you can create an action plan for your car (a set of reminders) and receive notifications of upcoming events.

Navigate to the Vehicle “Timeline” tab, then click on the “pencil” button and then Add Reminder. Enter a name for the reminder, such as “Oil Change” or “Insurance”.

Reminders can be of three types:

  • Time reminders. Used for scheduling inspections, renewing insurance, tracking the vehicle warranty period, and so on. In the “By time” section, specify the start date and choose either a period (for example, 12 months) or a target date.

  • Mileage reminders. Used for scheduling oil changes, filters, etc. In the “By mileage” section, specify the mileage at which, for example, you changed the oil, and then the interval after which you need to change the oil next time (for example, 10,000 km), or the target mileage.

  • Reminder by time or mileage, which will happen first. Can be used, for example, to track a manufacturer’s warranty, which may have limitations, such as 2 years or 40,000 km. Complete both sections as shown above.

If the reminder is repeated periodically, for example oil change every 10,000 km, check the “Recurring” box.

To set up notifications, click on the “More options” inscription at the bottom of the screen and indicate in the “First notification” section when you want to receive the first notification. You can specify the number of days and kilometers (miles), when approaching which you will start receiving notifications. After the first notification, the app will regularly send you reminders until you complete the scheduled event.

It is recommended to specify days and kilometers for any type of notification. For example, you can set up a reminder “Insurance every 12 months” to notify you when you are 250 km away. And it will work because the app uses prediction to determine date by mileage and mileage by date.

Once a maintenance plan is ready, learn how to track and execute it.

Note: The fields “Category” and “Notes” are optional. You can use them at your discretion for notes.