Implementing a maintenance plan

Once you’ve created a maintenance plan with a set of reminders, it needs to be tracked and executed.

The created reminders will appear in the “Upcoming” section at the top of the “Timeline” feed. The green line will change color to yellow as it moves to the right towards 100% and then to red. A red line and more than 100% progress means the reminder is already overdue.

Black shows the target mileage and/or date you set, while gray shows the predicted values calculated by the app. Predictive values may be updated over time and as you update your mileage.

Let’s assume that the “Oil Change” reminder is close to 95% or even overdue and has 105%. You go to a car service and change the oil. Record this event in the application.

Click on the reminder in the “Timeline” feed and then tap the “Complete” button. Check the values in the “Actual” rows (“Completion” column). Adjust the value if necessary and tap “Done”.

The app will mark this reminder as completed and move it from the “Upcoming” section to the corresponding month when the event was done. In the completed reminder, you will see the actual interval (time in days and mileage) between the start and the due date.

If this reminder is recurring, then a new reminder for the next interval will be immediately created in the “Upcoming” section.

Thus, a chain of interrelated events is formed. To see all oil changes in the history of car ownership, click the funnel-shaped icon at the top of the “Timeline” feed. Turn off all the checkboxes, go to “Reminders” and there leave only one checkmark for the chain you want to view, for example “Oil change”. Click “Done”. In the “Timeline” feed, you will see the entire chain of oil change events, how many km you actually drove between changes. To disable the filter, click the funnel again and then the “Reset” button.