Mileage Tracking

Mileage is an indicator needed to calculate many analytical indicators. Mileage can be counted either in km or miles. Select the required units of measurement in the vehicle settings.

It is necessary to record the odometer value, date and time periodically in order to track mileage. The mileage can be specified when entering data using the “pencil” button in the “Timeline” tab when registering expenses, income, refueling and / or charging, reminders, as well as through the “Update mileage” form.

In these forms, the mileage field is optional, but it is recommended to enter the mileage value at least 1-2 times a month. However, mileage does not have to be entered more frequently than refueling or charging.

The mileage should only increase, but the app will allow you to enter a down mileage (you will see a warning). This may be necessary, for example, when replacing the engine.

After adding the vehicle, in the “Timeline” tab, specify the mileage that the vehicle had on the day of its purchase, as well as the current mileage.

Using the “Update mileage” form, you can measure the distance for long trips. Enter the odometer value through this form at the beginning of the trip and then again at the end. The distance will appear in the second entry, for example “+550 km”.

At the moment, the ARBA Auto app does not support motor hours tracking.