Data Export

The app provides the ability to export history from the “Timeline” feed, including the following objects: expenses, income, refueling / charging, mileage updates and reminders.

The data is exported in the original native format of the ARBA Auto app. The format and reference tables used are described in detail here.

ARBA Auto Format (Data Backup)

Recommended for regular backups. A file exported in this format can only be imported back into the same vehicle. You cannot edit the ID fields (marked in gray in the format description). This will lead to an error during the import process.

Exported data in this format can be immediately imported back into the same vehicle and will not result in duplicate entries.

ARBA Auto (Data Transfer) Format

Only recommended for car cloning. When exporting data in this format, the fields with identifiers will be empty.

Export the data to a file in this format, create a new car, and import this file into it. As a result, you will get a clone of the original car. Attention! If you import this file in Data Transfer format into a vehicle history where these records already exist, this will result in duplicate records. If this happens, navigate to the “Backup” tab and in the “Import” section you will find an entry about the date of the last upload. You can cancel the last import operation there.